My Story...

A journey back to me.


It all staRted when....

I had a baby. 

Before he came along I had it sussed. I knew exactly how to look after myself, I was happy, healthy and led a really fulfilled life. Then suddenly this gorgeous little bundle arrived and I felt helpless. Everything I knew about how to relax and de-stress didn’t seem to work now I had this baby in the equation. I developed severe post-natal depression and didn’t recognise who I was any more. It felt like all the parts of me I knew were no longer there.

I was completely exhausted, living on sugar and caffeine, I avoided going out or seeing friends and kept postponing my return to work as I couldn’t manage it emotionally.

After admitting I was struggling, slowly I started taking steps to find the parts of me I felt were missing. I drew on all my training as a nutritional health coach, yoga and meditation teacher. I adapted everything I knew so that it realistically worked with my life as it was now and not pre-baby. 

So often, like me, we suffer in silence and it's a really lonely and vulnerable place to be. We feel guilty, selfish for feeling this way - that we are not normal. Well, I can assure you that feeling like this is completely normal and that you are not alone.

The lack of support out there is what led me to develop my coaching service, specifically for new and expectant Mums who like me, need a guiding hand to understand how to take care of their wellbeing as well as being a Mum.

We can look after ourselves and our baby. We are allowed to do both! 

About my coaching.