From 'Me to 'Mum'...

and everything in-between.


Becoming a Mum...

has to be the most amazing, terrifying and overwhelming experiences of our lives - it was certainly like nothing like I expected before I had my baby; it changes everything right?

Why do so many of us struggle with pregnancy, birth and becoming a Mum? There are many reasons but one of the most common I see is the unrealistic expectations we have of ourselves, others have of us and those we put on our baby. We read the magazines, we attend the classes, we think we are prepared for what is coming when in fact none of us know what our own story will be. We are surrounded by media that tells an unrealistic story of what we should be doing, how we should be feeling, how baby should be behaving, when in fact the reality for most of us is far from this. 

Another aspect of becoming a Mum that I (and many of the women I've worked with) found difficult is dealing with the incredible amount of change to so many aspects of their lives. Pregnancy and birth takes its toll both physically and emotionally and all of a sudden you can't just 'ring in sick!' The responsibility and dependancy of your baby on you can be an overwhelming emotion.

The relationship with your partner also changes when you become parents and you both have little energy or emotional capacity to deal with this - time together is precious and in short supply. 

Before baby you probably had a career, social interaction, the freedom to do what you pleased, to stay up late and sleep in! You need to give yourself the permission to miss these aspects of your life, to grieve for them - It doesn't make you a bad Mum! 

I promise you there is an exciting and magical new life ahead for you. You can still be 'you' and a great Mum but sometimes you need a helping hand figuring out what this looks like for you. I work with many women to help them find the clarity and understanding required to allow them to  embrace the changes in their life and body, nourish and take care of themselves.

Be gentle on yourself - you're doing a great job!

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